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We are not new to selling gold, accounts and powerleveling services. As of June 2015, we are proud to be behind over 2000 successful transactions, both on Feenix & Nostalrius. If you ask what we do now, we can surely answer: Professional gold farming and selling. Complete information is provided on our Feenix's Warsong site, please check the about page there.

Why Kronos WoW 1.12 Vanilla Classic Server

After playing for years on Warsong & ED 1.12 and Archangel TBC 2.4.3 we decided to experience THE REAL vanilla with x1 rates, literary vanilla WoW on hard mode. Leveling & farming here takes 'ages', but as with the other realms, we are going through everything on Nostalrius too. We have decided to start selling some of our gold stocks as we progress through the game.

Additional info about KronosGold.net

KronosGold.net was made as an addition to Gold4Warsong.com, Gold4Emerald.com & Gold4Archangel.com and Nostalrius.net sites, so that we can provide gold for players that need it on the x1 rates Kronos classic WoW realm.

Less time farming, more time playing the game! Enjoy :-)

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