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The packages below reflect the current pricing for the Ares TBC "The Burning Crusade" ( realm of the Twinster TBC WoW Project. Available for Alliance & Horde.

250 Gold
€8.25 EUR (about $9.69 USD)

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500 Gold
€16.5 EUR (about $19.3 USD)

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750 Gold
€24.7 EUR (about $29.0 USD)

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1000 Gold
€33.0 EUR (about $38.7 USD)

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1500 Gold
€49.5 EUR (about $58.1 USD)

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2000 Gold
€66.0 EUR (about $77.5 USD)

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2500 Gold
€82.5 EUR (about $96.9 USD)

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3000 Gold
€99.0 EUR (about $116 USD)

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4000 Gold
€132 EUR (about $155 USD)

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Ares TBC Realm Info

Ares WoW - Twinstar TBC Realm Ares WoW has been in development since 2015, ever since it's vanilla counterpart called Kronos was launched by Twinstar. The Twinstar team recognized the need for a TBC server with the same scripting quality as Kronos and started making steady progress to make that dream a reality.

Our network of farmers quickly joined both the Horde & Alliance flanks (from the beta), and we will be able to provide our loyal customers with relatively cheap Ares WoW gold.

Older Ares WoW News

Update 17th October 2017:
The packages below are for the upcoming Ares TBC server which is to be released by Twinstar (owners of the Kronos WoW Project) in late October 2017. Our team participated in the final beta stages and we are making these packages available for preordering before the realm is released. It is expected to be the top-performing private TBC realm, after the downfall of Warmane's Outland which due to the large influx of Asia/China based gold sellers had it's gameplay ruined and population split in half of what it used to be. As the launch date is coming near, the prices for preordering Ares gold will rise and the stock will eventually stay low within the first 10-20 days. With these preorder packages we are lending a hand to our website visitors to get ahead of everyone in the early stages of the game because the gold need will be dire (spells & abiliies, mounts, gear).

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